Maryland Government Relations Association


MGRA Members are government relations professionals representing a wide array of interests and clients. Membership is limited to those government relations professionals in good standing with the Maryland State Ethics Commission who are willing to comply with MGRA’s Guidelines. MGRA’s purpose is to foster and encourage the educational and professional development of individuals engaged in lobbying Maryland State Government. MGRA provides programs and networking opportunities for members to enhance their competence and professionalism.

The annual membership fee for MGRA is $125.00, which includes the following benefits:

  1. Free Annual MGRA Policy Conference & Achievement Awards;
  2. Free programs throughout the year, including happy hours during session with MGRA members & members of the MD General Assembly;
  3. January Annual Breakfast with Leadership;
  4. NCSL Annual State Night Dinner;
  5. December Annual Luncheon; and
  6. So much more!

Join now and register for upcoming events:

If you are a government relations professional practicing in Maryland, and are willing to comply with MGRA’s Guidelines, we welcome you to join us.

Please view our directory of members.

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MGRA breakfast event in February 2012