President's Message

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to our new website!!

I am delighted to take on the leadership of the Maryland Government Relations Association, and also humbled and grateful to do so. When I joined MGRA 15 years ago as a government relations liaison to a state agency, I was overwhelmed with what lay ahead and how to navigate the professional land-mind of “lobbying” and state politics. This association has remained a constant in my career. My first mentor came via MGRA, the events allowed me to meet professionals that I had seen present eloquent testimony and then could converse with over breakfast, and countless colleagues that have become great friends. When I joined the board in 2009, I had the opportunity to assist in an update to the bylaws, create the first free event for young professionals, and attend the National Conference for State Legislatures (NCSL) assisting MGRA with Maryland State Night.

My experiences show that membership in MGRA matters. And the organization is active and energized with the dedication and hard work of the board of directors and our robust membership.

MGRA is the state’s official organization for all government relations professionals spanning the pubic and private sectors, from corporations to nonprofits. Although we represent disparate disciplines at times, we share a common goal of advancing our profession with the highest level of ethics and collaboration. MGRA has been at the forefront to lead these interests.

In 2019, MGRA has launched a new website with far more components for members to register for events, maintain an ongoing membership profile, and get the latest news from the association. We have recently undertaken an in-depth look at our financials and will be implanting a five-year strategic plan for both the financial outlook of the organization as well as mission-centric goals.

My first year of my two-year term saw an increase in membership both new members and renewals, three new events, and fresh energy from our new board members to reinvigorate the association. I’m so proud of these achievements!

During the next year, I hope to offer more events for members to meet, eat, and learn from each other while expanding opportunities for our profession to work together as politics and policymaking radically evolves.

Its an exciting time to be a part of MGRA! I welcome you to be part of our story. Your contribution, no matter what the size, is needed. I look forward to working with and serving you this year.


Julia Worcester
Director of State Policy & Advocacy