About MGRA

The Maryland Government Relations Association (MGRA) was formed in 1984 to encourage the professional development and appropriate conduct of persons working in the field of government relations. Membership is limited to those government relations professionals in good standing with the Maryland State Ethics Commission who are willing to comply with MGRA’s Guidelines. The group has grown from a few women in the government relations field to more than 200 professional lobbyists in both the public and private sector as well as non-profits.

MGRA members meet to discuss state issues with elected and appointed officials, including the Senate President, the Speaker of the House and the Governor’s office. The organization will sometimes take official positions on related legislative issues, the items on the agenda at the member events reflect the membership and the interests they represent.

MGRA also offers several opportunities for members to network with each other. In addition to its many activities in Maryland, MGRA also has sponsored Maryland “State Night” dinners at the National Council of State Legislatures (NCSL) Annual Meeting.

If you are a government relations professional practicing in Maryland we welcome you to join us.